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Welcome to Chefwerx
                  an exceptional personal chef service.

The Personal Chef Service
Personalized Menus
Chefwerx does the Shopping
Hand-picked Produce
Highest Quality Meats, Fish and Poultry
No-Hassle In-Your-Home Dining
and Dinner Party Service upon request

Personal Chef Services are one of the newest ways that busy families and professionals are ensuring their lives stay healthy and happy. A Personal Chef comes to your home on scheduled cook dates to prepare multiple meals for your family. Each meal is labeled and stored in your refrigerator or freezer. Easy-to-follow heating directions are provided and your kitchen is left spotless. Rather than schlepping to a restaurant, eating unhealthy fast food, or throwing tasteless frozen foods in the microwave, your personal chef prepares the exact meals you want for you to enjoy in your own home. Prepared by a trained gourmet chef, your meals are wholesome, healthy and delicious.

A Personal Chef Service is surprisingly affordable. Service packages range from $225-$325 plus the cost of groceries.  Depending on size of service, entrees can range roughly between $15-$25 per meal.  No more than you would spend on visits to a favorite restaurant after tax and tip.

Personalized Menus mean you eat exactly what you want. No more take-out menu compromises. Chefwerx pays strict attention to your personal preferences as well as any food allergies or other dietary restrictions you may have. With hundreds of recipes and menus, you can be adventurous with new meals each week or repeat your favorites as your tastes dictate. Do you have a hankering for your grandma's chicken soup? Chef Charles will be happy to add any of your family recipes to your personal service.

Chefwerx does the shopping. On your cook date, Chef Charles begins working for you many hours before he arrives at your home. From hand-picking the finest produce, to purchasing high quality meats, poultry and fresh fish, Charles gathers all of the ingredients needed for your meals. Not only do you reduce the time you spend at the market, but you are assured your family is provided with carefully-selected, fresh foods.

All of these elements combine to create hassle-free dining in your own home. Chef Charles customizes his service to meet your needs. No more rushing around at dinner time to throw together a meal, order take-out or run out to a restaurant. Dinner is waiting in your refrigerator, waiting to be heated and enjoyed in your own home convenient and delicious. Try Chefwerx. You'll see the difference it makes in your life, your health and the enjoyment you derive from a well-cooked, home-cooked meal.

Chefwerx is a member of
The United States Personal Chef Association
The American Personal Chef Association