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Do I Need a Personal Chef?

Not everyone does. But if you are fed up with fast food, commercial frozen foods loaded with sodium and preservatives, or take out, then the answer is yes.
If your busy life doesn't give you the chance to shop for and cook healthy meals for your family you should seriously consider how a personal chef can help.

Busy, career minded individuals, dual income couples with limited time, new mothers, those recuperating from illness or hospital stays -- Chefwerx can change the way you experience the dinner hour. No more rushing around, eating poorly and facing a kitchen to clean up. A personal chef will provide you with nutritious and wholesome home-cooked meals.

Can I Afford a Personal Chef?
Yes! Having your own personal chef is very affordable; especially when you consider how much your time is worth. For example, five dinners in one week for a family of four can cost less than $25 per meal, including food cost!  For a two week service, cost can be less than $15 per meal!

Prices vary depending on the quantity and frequency of meals ordered as well as any special food requests you may have. Please see our Fee Schedule for more information.

Personal Chef or Private Chef?
A private chef is an employee of an individual or family and often lives on the premises. Private chefs do 100% of the cooking -- every meal, every day. This type of service is very expensive often costing thousands of dollars a week.

A Personal Chef serves several clients. Usually, a Personal Chef visits the home of one client each day and prepares multiple meals for a week or two. Personal Chef service is very affordable and is intended for busy couples and families who don't always have time to eat healthy, wholesome food.

What areas does Chefwerx serve?
South side of the hills: Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Brentwood, Westwood, Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, West Los Angeles, Hollywood, and surrounding areas.
North side of the hills: Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Encino, Calabasas, Woodland Hills and surrounding areas.

How do I contact Chefwerx?
By phone: 818-788-2248
By email:

Why do you cook in my kitchen?
Cooking in your own kitchen serves a variety of purposes. First of all, your meals are stored when they are as fresh as possible (using proper cooling techniques); this ensures that they will be delicious when you are ready to eat them. If a Personal Chef cooked the food someplace else then transported it to your home, that would classify the service as a caterer and would require an expensive commercial-certified kitchen. By cooking in your kitchen, transportation is eliminated and safe, healthy, personally customized gourmet meals become affordable.

On your cook date, Chef Charles arrives with his own pots, pans and kitchen utensils. After cooking your meals, he'll leave the kitchen spotless.

How long will it take?
All of your meals are made from fresh ingredients. It usually takes anywhere from 4-6 hours to prepare, cook and clean-up. Obviously this time may change depending on size of service.

Do you provide the containers?
Having containers that are a uniform size means less storage space is used in your refrigerator and freezer. Chefwerx will provide high quality containers to store your meals. There is a one-time container fee. If there is a menu item that you would like cooked or stored in a personal casserole or baking dish, that can certainly be arranged.  Foodsaver bag storage is also available.  These bags help maintain food quality and longer shelf life. 

Is heating the meals difficult?
No. Clear and easy directions are left with each entree and side dish ordered.

How long can I store my meals?
Refrigerated (35-38F)entrees should be consumed within 5 days of cooking, depending on the food type (fish within 3 days to be safe). Frozen entrees, contrary to popular opinion, do NOT have unlimited shelf life. Freezing does not stop spoiling, it only slows it down. Most frozen entrees should be consumed within 2 months to ensure quality and freshness purposes.

What about dinner parties?
You can arrange with Chef Charles to provide gourmet multi-course dinner party menus for special occasions. Your Personal Chef will become your private chef for the day of your event.

Can I give Chefwerx as a gift?
Yes. Gift certificates are available.

Does Chef Charles give lessons?
Yes. Chef Charles can be hired for private cooking instruction.

This sounds great! Now what?
Contact Chefwerx to arrange a personal assessment. To find out what's involved, go to Getting Started.